Track Heads

Seamlessly blending into any environment – our elegant T-Series track heads reveal no visible hardware and come equipped with Lumenture’s patent-pending infinity adapter and innovative accessory holder.

Form Factors


Our T-Series track heads come in two sizes: the T65 (2.5"  aperture) and T50 (2.0" aperture).

T65 – Track Head

T50 – Track Head

Infinity Adapter

Our innovative patent-pending adapter features a low-profile body and the unique ability to rotate continuously for effortless aiming.

Multiple adapter types allow our T-Series to be compatible with one- and two-circuit tracks of most major brands.

Accessory Holder

Innovative, threaded accessory holder allows field replacement of accessories and seamless upgrades to anti-glare and snooted versions of standard products.

Finish Options


Available in black, white, or white with black anti-glare accessory holder.
Custom finishes are also available.



All Lumenture products are designed to the highest standards to exceed 50,000 hours of life (L70) and are covered by a five-year warranty.


T65: Spec Sheet / Instructions / IES
T50: Spec Sheet / Instructions / IES
One-Circuit Track & Accessories: Spec Sheet / Instructions
Two-Circuit Track & Accessories: Spec Sheet / Instructions

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